About eDesiderata

eDesiderata is an application, developed by the Center for Research Libraries, to support informed investment by its members in electronic resources.  eDesiderata is an online platform through which CRL gathers and organizes information about databases and e-resources of interest to CRL libraries, solicits member input on those e-resources, and tracks the progress of publisher negotiations and library take-up. It also is a knowledge base of information about electronic publishers and other providers of digital resources and services.   

CRL’s electronic resources licensing activities represent one facet of CRL’s effort to expand online access to primary source content, by supporting informed e-resources collection decisions at member libraries.

Using eDesiderata

eDesiderata dashboard

You can see at a glance lists of active offers, recent CRL reviews of e-resources, and even items in the CRL licensing “pipeline”. CRL will also provide reports summarizing licensing activity and identified priorities.

eDesiderata A-Z resources list

Collected in one place are descriptions of major research databases, historical digital collections, some e-journals, and some e-book packages offered currently by publishers from the U.S. and abroad. Here you can:

  • Consult a list of e-resources flagged as priority items of potential interest to the CRL community (as well as a broader list).
  • Suggest additional e-resources of interest for consideration, and can upload local desiderata lists.
  • Filter the list to see e-resources by status, publisher and resource type.

Intro to meDesiderata


meDesiderata is your space to track resources of direct interest to you. Individual resources or sets of resources you have selected to watch are listed in this space for easy access. Any updates that are relevant to these resources can also be deliverd to you directly via email. Access to all of the features in meDesiderata is limited to logged-in member users.

Login and Member Access

eDesiderata provides different levels of access to information:

  • Open access, to descriptions and reviews of e-resources.
  • Access restricted to CRL member institutions, to information about licensing offers and opportunities for community input.

Your CRL login enables access to the member-only features, such as:

  • The status of CRL licensing negotiations and terms of current offers.
  • Interactive features that allow you to vote and comment on the e-resources listed, augmenting the critical analysis provided by CRL reviews.
  • The meDesiderata space and related tools allowing you to track personalized lists of e-resources from the site. 

You may already have a CRL login, if you have registered for CRL webinars, participated in Purchase Proposal voting, or served on a CRL project or committee.

Don’t have a CRL Login account yet?  If your affiliated institution is a CRL member, you may access the signup form from any on-campus IP address.