Africa Development Data Explorer (ADDaX)

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    Africa Development Data Explorer (ADDaX) provides access to reference data from 54 African economies. According to East View Information Service, data is collected from local and regional African sources as well as international sources.

    May 17, 2024 7:37pm
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    Africa Development Data Explorer (ADDaX) provides access to reference data from 54 African economies. The data covers financial and economic information from these countries to be used for research. ADDaX aggregates data, translates where necessary, and compiles data in a standardized format to provide users with direct access. ADDaX is powered by the African Financial & Economic Data’s (AFED) Database, which serves the coporate market. 

    According to East View, data is collected from local and regional African sources as well as international sources. Sources include:

    • International, intergovernmental, multilateral and supranational
    • African regional and state banks, statistical offices, and information agencies
    • Trade organizations, government departments, agencies & NGOs
    • African central bank, African Country Ministries of Finance, and National Office of Statistics

    This database is a data source only, and it does not include any accompanying reports or other material that may have been published along with the tabular data. To view the source list, click here.

    The database includes country profiles with over 50,000 indicators, 2.5 million records, and covering 54 African countries. Data covers a variety of sectors, including: education, trade, banking, and physical infrastructure, industries, urbanization, and quality of life. The country data is available from as far back as records allow, some indicators date back to the 1940's.

    All data is updated daily and available under 3 packages:

    1. Data Hub

    The Data Hub allows users to query each of the available seven datasets individually, produce time series analysis, extract customised reports and commingle datasets. The data is reported as published by the source and categorized into 13 main groups to enable quick and easy access to specific data points:

    • National Accounts
    • Government Finance
    • Money & Banking
    • Inflation, Prices & Wages
    • Balance of Payments & Trade
    • Total Debt: Domestic & External
    • Business & Industry
    • Resources & Energy
    • Employment, Income & Poverty
    • Politics, Government & Society
    • Population & Health
    • Education
    • Geography & Environment

    2. Country Profile

    The Country Profile series provides in-depth coverage of economic data for each of the 54 African countries. Country profiles include conventional indicators such as GDP Growth and Domestic and External Debt; but also draws on country-specific economic data indicators in 13 categories:

    • National Accounts
    • Government Finance
    • Money and Banking
    • Inflation, Prices and Wages
    • Balance of Payments and Trade
    • Total Debt: Domestic and External
    • Politics, Government & Society
    • Business & Industry
    • Resources & Energy
    • Employment, Income & Poverty
    • Population & Health
    • Education
    • Geography & Environment

    Country Profiles emphasize local sources of data, with information going back to 2000. Depending on the source, data availability may vary. ADDaX focuses on Monthly, Quarterly and Annual updates. 

    3. Sector Focus

    The Sector Focus package provides access to economic and financial indicators for specific sectors of interest. ADDaX currently covers 15 sectors:

    • Agriculture, Fishing & Farming
    • Automotive & Transportation
    • Education
    • Employment, Income & Poverty
    • Energy
    • Environment & Infrastructure
    • Financial Sector
    • Governance, Politics and Violence
    • Health & Pharmaceuticals
    • Information & Communications Technology (ICT)
    • Manufacturing, Retail & Wholesale
    • Population
    • Real Estate, Building & Construction
    • Trade
    • Travel & Tourism

    The number of indicators varies from one sector to another and from country to country. ADDaX focuses on local sources and complements the data with international sources to ensure data quality.

    Content Comparison 

    CRL conducted a comparative analysis of the ADDaX holdings against those of open source repositories including: Worldbank's open data, International Monetary Fund data, and the UK Data Service. CRL found no significant overlaps in the data held in these repositories and the ADDaX content. ADDaX provides access to a significant number of documents sourced from private and goverment financial institutions of African countries published between 1995 and 2017 that are not openly available in other reliable online resources. 


    The data in ADDaX can be accessed via the three search features mentioned above: Country Profile, Sector Focus, and Data Hub. The online platform also provides two dashboards for browsing data, the Social Dashboard and the Economic Dashboard. The Social Dashboard has six major browsing sections: Top 10 Economic & Financial Indicators, Migration, Water, Politics & Governance, School Participation, and Mortality. The Economic Dashboard features the lastest database updates, the top 10 indicators, the latest exchange rates, and the economic calendar. 

    The ADDaX data is available through: the online platform, FTP feeds, API, Excel, and email alerts (users can receive email notifications when new data becomes available). Data can be downloaded into CSV or Excel files. 

    ADDaX provides user guides for each of the major features of the site (Country Profile, Sector Focus, and Data Hub). The Data Hub guides are further broken into each major dataset (Economic Data, Exchange Rates, etc.). 


    This database is available via annual subscription.

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