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    Amadeus is a database of comparable financial and business information on approximately 14 million public and private European companies by total assets covering 43 countries. Amadeus is published by Moody's Analytics and Bureau van Dijk.

    Jun 13, 2019 11:50am
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    AMADEUS is the European subset of ORBIS, BvD's flagship product. The Amadeus database includes standardized annual accounts (consolidated and unconsolidated), financial ratios, sectoral activities and ownership data from 14 million European countries. The database is suitable for research on competitiveness, economic integration, applied microeconomics, business cycles, economic geography and corporate finance.

    BVD collects data from 35 sources, and along side the company financial data collected there is complementary information on: news, market research, companies' activities, and information on financial strength. BVD has developed a uniform data format to represent European company accounts, designed to facilitate comparison of companies against one another. Subscription includes the latest 5 years of exportable financial statement data. Financial and insurance companies are not in Amadeus but are included in BvD's Orbis product.

    The five main features of the data are: 

    1. Balance sheets and profit and loss account.
    2. Coverage of many small and private firms. 
    3. Detailed industry classification.

    The Amadeus reports include standard financial items: 26 balance sheet items, 26 profit and loss account items, and 32 standard ratios. The reports also include: general descriptive information, overview section, ownership, news, market research, original documents, M&A deals, branches, security and price information, financial strength, and information on individuals. Not all information is provided in the standard subscription but via additional paid modules.


    Amadeus data is available through BvD’s latest software that enables searching for companies by combining as many search criteria as you like to create very specific filters. Amadeus also includes analysis options to help users create graphs and tables to interpret results and analyze companies. 

    In 2016, BvD released their current interface, developed as a result of to customer research and testing. BvD describes the new interface as having a simplistic screen and navigation bar to reduce clutter and improve focus. The platform includes a tools zone for pivot analysis, zones for searches, results, reports, exports, alerts, integration and customization. Included with the BvD toolkit are add on templates for Excel and PowerPoint to facilitate analysis and presentation. The toolkit also helps users to integrate information with internal systems and workflows such as: intranets or CRM systems. 

    Amadeus is available through the Wharton Research Data Service (WRDS).


    Bureau van Dijk has a partnership with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania to provide access to Orbis and Amadeus through Wharton's WRDS platform. 

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