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    The Berg Fashion Library is an online resource to provide access to interdisciplinary and integrated text, image, and journal content on world dress and fashion.  The resource offers users cross-searchable access to an expanding range of essential resources in this discipline of growing importance and relevance and will be of use to anyone working in, researching, or studying fashion, anthropology, art history, history, museum studies, and cultural studies.

    Oct 1, 2015 5:56pm

    Full Text Linking

    This resource is compliant with the OpenURL standard.

    Federated Searching

    Berg Fashion Library can currently be accessed by federated search software via HTTP request and supports the METHOD="GET" which sends the request using the following base URL:

    This is followed by text=X (X standing here for your search term). Multiple search terms should separated with the ‘+’ sign. For example: if search query contains the terms Dior New Look, use:

    Metadata Standards

    MARC records are provided for all ebooks within BFL. These are created by BDS based on our Onix metadata; our research suggested they provide high quality records suitable for institutional libraries.

    Marc Records

    MARC21 Records are provided.

    Search Options

    Simple and advanced searching is available, including full text, biographies, bibliographies, ISBN, publication date, links, contributors, and designers.

    Post Search Options

    Users can choose to cite articles and images in BFL in APA, MLA, or Chicago formats in Endnote, ProCite, ReferenceManager, or RefWorks. They can also email search results to themselves or save to their “My Stuff” account.

    Usage Statistics

    The Berg Fashion Library will offer usage statistics conforming to the latest version of the COUNTER specification.


    Authentication is provided via the UK Access Management Federation, Athens, username and password.

    Additional Reviews in Other Sources

    Scigliano, Marisa. "Berg Fashion Library." The Charleston Advisor. April 2013. pp.39-42. Accessed November 26, 2013.

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