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    Bridgeman Education is the online educational resource of the Bridgeman Art Library. It offers subscribers unlimited access to an archive of over 390,0000 images of art, history and culture – all copyright cleared for educational use.

    Oct 1, 2015 5:56pm
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    Full Text Linking

    Bridgeman Education supports OpenURL and is are currently engaged in a project to put this in place.

    Metadata Standards

    Bridgeman Education conforms broadly to Dublin Core and VRA Core. It is in the process of developing its own controlled vocabularies based on Getty and Theauri, but better adapted for educational image research.

    For example, it uses the Getty ULAN standard, TGN and has adapted the AAT (Getty’s Art and Architecture Thesaurus)

    Search Options

    Basic Search & Advanced Search.

    (Boolean searching is also supported)

    Post Search Options

    • Download search results as JPGs or PDFs.
    • Online saving and retrieval (using the slideshow function)
    • Images easily imported into PowerPoint

    Usage Statistics

    Bridgeman Education will soon offer COUNTER compliant usage statistics. At the moment, usage statistics will be supplied upon request. These include the date of log-in and amount of use as well as all keywords searched for and the number of page-views.


    Authentication is by:

    • Username/password
    • IP recognition
    • Shibboleth 
    • Referring url


    The resource is accessible to the visually impaired with user compliances W3C 1.0 and W3C CSS.

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