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    Cambridge Histories Online is an extensive collection of leading scholarly content across a diverse range of topics, giving access to authoritative thinking and research.

    Oct 1, 2015 5:56pm

    Full Text Linking

    • Extensive bibliographic reference functionality.
    • Fully referenced content with all references displayed.
    • OpenURL compliant and linked online through CrossRef.

    Federated Searching

    Cambridge Histories Online does not support federated searching.

    Metadata Standards


    Marc Records

    Cambridge Histories Online provides e-MARC records free of charge. Institutions may download a MARC21 format file (.mrc) containing records of all titles contained within each collection from our Subscriber Services page. We will add a new file for each upload of new content as and when it is published. MARC21 records may also be downloaded directly from Datashop.

    Please note that institutions will require MARC record reader software such as MarcEdit to add these files to your library system.

    Search Options

    Cambridge Histories Online offers two search options: Quick Search (allowing you to search from any page on the site) and Advanced Search, which gives you the option of constructing a more complex search query.

    Standard boolean searching is supported, as is multiple boolean, proximity and stemming (common root) searching.

    Within the content, browsing by title, author and chapter is supported, and within each book, users can browse the table of contents.

    Post Search Options

    Within My Histories you may view recent searches as well as save, bookmark and share within work groups.

    Cambridge Histories Online follows the Modern Language Association (MLA) format for citation examples.

    Cambridge Histories Online also features extensive bibliographic reference functionality; fully referenced content with all references displayed, OpenURL compliant and linked online through CrossRef.

    Usage Statistics

    Cambridge Histories Online offers COUNTER compliant and real time on demand usage statistics, Which can be downloaded in Excel or CSV format, or view on screen in HTML, or e-mail to a recipient.

    Real time and emailed usage statistics can be shown by defined time period.

    Statistics show the number of sessions, total and average session times, average pages per session, full content downloads, numbers of hits, searches and browses and turnaway statistics.


    Access to Cambridge Histories Online is available via ATHENS authentication, IP recognition or Username and password.


    All Cambridge University Press websites aim to meet the AA standard of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), version 1:

    Many features of our online publications are at the AAA level.

    Other standards, guidelines and resources observed during the development of our sites include the following:

    • US government Section 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act.
    • UK Special Educational Needs and Disability Act, guidelines from the office of the e-Envoy.
    • UK HE TechDis Web Accessibility and Usability Resource.
    • University of Cambridge web design accessibility guidelines.
    • BBC Web Development Guidelines.
    Additional Reviews in Other Sources

    Starkey, Jennifer. "Cambridge Histories Online." The Charleston Advisor. October 2012. pp. 12-14. Accessed November 26 2013

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