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    Corporate Affiliations is an online business database with information on companies from across the globe, it is provided by LexisNexis. The database includes company profiles, financials, parent and subsidiary company information, and access to business news feeds. 

    Feb 20, 2017 3:30pm
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    The online database Corporate Affiliations contains company information for U.S. and international public and private companies. The databases includes: basic company information, corporate hierarchy, executives, and mergers and acquisitions. Subscribers can also subscribe to the Corporate Affiliations historical add-on which includes content back to 1993. The data covers approximately 850,000 U.S. and international companies. 

    The company profiles featured in the database include information such as company address and other contact information, year and state of incorporation, basic financial, stock exchanges, competitors, executives, and board members. The product also features a tool called MergerTrak which has information on mergers and acquisitions of companies.


    Subscription price for Corporate Affiliations is based on the number of users. A contract is not required, but a one year subscription is. 

    Additional Reviews in Other Sources

    Corporate Affiliations was reviewed in the Charleston Advisor. Breezy Silver, "Corporate," The Charleston Advisor October 1 2012, 14(2): 18-20, accessed January, 2017. 

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