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    The IBISWorld product suite is a series of reports on approximately 700 domestic and international industries; each report is 30 to 40 pages and contains statistics and analysis of market characteristics, operating conditions, and five-year forecasts. The suite also includes specialized reports on small, emerging industries. IBISWorld includes local level analyses on industries in the State Industry Reports collection. 

    Included in the suite is the Industry Wizard, a tool that enables users to extract information from a select set of industries based on specific criteria, defined by the user. Reports are available in PDF. 

    Jun 13, 2019 11:54am
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    The IBISWorldreports aim to provide strategic insight and analysis used to gain an understanding of market conditions and forecasts, industry supply chain, and competitive landscape. IBISWorld Product suite includes the following modules:

    • Industry Research Reports: IBIS core product providing analysis and economic factors on 1,300 U.S. industries.
    • Specialized Industry Reports: A collection of niche industry topics covered in approximately 600 reports. Specialized industry collections include: Advisory & Financial Services, Business Franchises, Consumer Goods & Services, Life Sciences, Online Retail, Retail Market Reports, Specialist Engineering Infrastructure & Contractors, and Technology. 
    • State Industry Reports: Analysis and economic factors on state and local industries from 20 US states. 
    • Procurement Research Reports: Analysis on product and service categories and indirect purchasing lines to uncover market trends.
    • Industry Risk Rating Reports: Analysis of approximately 700 industries determine how much risk will be faced over the next 18 months by assessing the operating conditions for companies in the industry. 
    • Business Environment Profiles: Approximately 200 reports of business profiles covering consumer behavior, commodity prices, and financial markets.
    • iExpert Summary: Summaries of the integral elements from the industry reports organized into condensed paragraphs, graphics and tables, and a Q&A section. 

    IBISWorld also provides the online tool, Industry Wizard for aggregating data from the Industry and Risk Rating Reports collections. The tool allows users to filter by specific criteria in order to organize relevant information and data into lists.  


    In addition to being able to download a complete report, key statistics can be downloaded to excel and specific infographics can be downloaded and inserted into user reports and presentations.  

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