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    General OneFile and InfoTrac Custom Newspapers are a unique collection of journals and English language newspapers, providing one of the largest aggregations of full text periodical content available to Further Education institutions.

    Sep 20, 2017 9:06am

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    This resource is compliant with the OpenURL standard.

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    This resource is Z39.50 compliant.

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    Gale/Cengage endorses two methods of access and searching for its electronic databases. The first method uses an HTTP-based API and the second uses the Z39.50 protocol. The method selected depends on the design of the relevant metasearch product.

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    Marc Records

    General OneFile:

    Text and US Marc records can be provided:

    InfoTrac Custom Newspapers:

    Text and US Marc records can be provided:

    Search Options

    General OneFile:

    Searches can be carried out on single or combined indexes including: Keyword, Full Text, Subject. Cross-searching can be carried with other Gale databases using Thomson Gale PowerSearch.

    InfoTrac Custom Newspapers:

    Searches can be carried out on single or combined indexes including: Keyword, Full Text, Abstract, Author, Publication Date, Newspaper Title/s, Subject, Name (Person, Company, Place), Named Work, Brand Name.

    Cross searching can be carried with other Cengage databases using the publisher's PowerSearch.

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    Results can be emailed, saved or bookmarked using Infomarks. The database is Z39.80, Procite and EndNote compliant.

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    Usage statistics are available for General OneFile and InfoTrac Custom Newspapers and are COUNTER compliant.


    Authentication is via the the UK Access Management Federation, Athens, and IP address range.

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