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    The Arts & Sciences VI Collection extends JSTOR's coverage in disciplines across the social sciences, with clusters focused in economics, education, linguistics, political science, and area studies. These often interdisciplinary titles broaden the scope of coverage for the social sciences and expand the range of international scholarship.

    Oct 1, 2015 5:56pm

    Full Text Linking

    JSTOR supports internal reference linking, inbound linking from linking partners, as well as outbound linking to current issues for many titles through the use of stable URLs.

    Federated Searching

    As part of JSTOR's continued effort increase the convenience of access to the archive, they have developed a new interface to the JSTOR Search Engine. This interface, called the JSTOR XML Gateway, was created to better facilitate metasearching, which is also known as "federated searching" or "cross-database searching."

    Metadata Standards

    As some of JSTOR's participating institutions have chosen to implement a metasearch engine for their users, the publisher has recognised the need to provide both a stable, standardised method for querying the JSTOR archive and also a manner of returning results that could be easily utilised by a metasearch program. To accomplish this, JSTOR has chosen the Search and Retrieve URL (SRU) Service as the basis for the JSTOR XML Gateway.

    The search results are returned as XML records in Dublin Core format and are listed in order of relevancy ranking.

    For more information, see: http://about.jstor.org/help-training/admin-info/metasearch-partners.

    Marc Records

    JSTOR creates and enters new cataloging records or updates existing cataloging records in OCLC for each title, current or previous, in the archive. The records include the URL for each title in the 856 MARC field.

    JSTOR does not have local copies of these records, and due to a July 2003 revision to the CONSER cataloging standards, it is no longer possible to download them as a group from OCLC.

    Currently, the only way to locate all the cataloging records for each title in a JSTOR collection is to conduct a title-by-title search.

    Search Options

    Full text searching is available. Institutions that participate in multiple collections may search across them together.

    Post Search Options

    JSTOR citations can be saved to a Saved Citations List for copying, printing, emailing, and direct export to bibliographic software such as EndNote, ProCite, Reference Manager, RefWorks, or spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. Individual citations can be saved by clicking the Save Citation link listed below each JSTOR item displayed on the Search Results and Table of Contents pages.

    Usage Statistics

    JSTOR provides COUNTER compliant usage statistics and currently provides the COUNTER JR1 report, in addition to other usage data.


    Authentication is via the UK Access Management Federation, Athens, and IP address range.


    The JSTOR website adheres to the following standards and guidelines:

    Further information on JSTOR's accesibility policy is available.

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