Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

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    The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online provides a range of search options such as by keyword, biographical search and powerful full text searches. Extensive internal cross-referencing makes it possible to move to articles of related interest with ease and you can explore the Dictionary by theme - for example follow a trail through the Kings and Queens, or Prime Ministers, of Britain. New and revised biographies and new features will be added on a regular basis.

    Oct 1, 2015 5:56pm

    Full Text Linking

    This resource is compliant with the OpenURL standard. In addition to 500,000+ internal cross references, users can also follow direct links to the DNB archive, and an expanding range of links to other websites such as the National Register of Archives and the National Portrait Gallery.

    Federated Searching

    It is not z39.50 compliant, but it supports standard HTTP requests using the method="get". There is also a Web look-up tool which launches a search in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography from any other website using a downloadable browser link.

    Search Options

    The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography offers a wide range of search options (including quick search, full text search, people search, contributor search, image search, reference search).

    Post Search Options

    The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography offers a vast range of options to refine and reorder search results. Articles and search results can be printed and emailed. Citation information is also available for each article.

    Usage Statistics

    ICOLC compliant statistics is available for this resource and can be emailed and downloaded.


    Authentication is via the UK Access Management Federation, Athens, and IP address range.


    The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is designed to meet level 1 of the WAI accessiblility standard.

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