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    Planet Labs provides a series of products of satellite images and data for research using geospatial data. The products utilize the imagery produced by Planet Lab's Triple CubeSat miniature satellites, programed to capture different swaths of Earth.

    According to Planet's company site, the products serve a wide range of markets, including: agriculture, civil government, defense and intelligence, education and research, emergency management, energy and infrastructure, finance and business, forestry and land use, insurance, mapping and maritime.  

    Aug 22, 2019 11:54am
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    Planet was started in 2010 by former NASA employees and today Planet designs, builds and operates more than 140 satellites in lower Earth orbit that constantly snap images of the planet. According to the Company, Planet’s images are used by decision makers in business, government, nongovernmental organizations, and most recently, academic institutions.

    The Planet products include:


    The Basemaps product from Planet provides users with global imagery data for mapping applications. According to Planet's website, the basemaps are frequently updated and can be produced monthly, quarterly, annually, or at the customer's request.

    Planet Monitoring 

    The Monitor product is an application for monitoring areas of interest using the Planet satellites daily, with images at 3 meter and 72 centimeter resolution. According to Planet, the product provides access to 300M+ sq km of daily imagery to monitor extensive and distributed AOIs (areas of interest).

    Planet Tasking 

    Utilizing Planet's SkySat images and video, this product enables users to revisit any point on Earth at 72 cm resolution. The SkySat New Collections includes twice-monthly delivery and archive access to over 500 pre-selected areas of defense and commercial interest. 

    Planet Analytics

    The Analytics product is a suite of object detection and land classification feeds, available for users to query the Earth imagery and index change. Planet markets the product to be used for: aircraft and maritime vessel detection, road and building detection, and deforestation alerting. 

    Planet Explorer

    The Explorer product is a tool to view daily imagery, perform analysis, and see the planet change over time. The products enables users to explore daily imagery directly in their browser, users can save selected areas of interest and create custom search parameters to find and filter imagery. Metadata filters and date ranges can be applied to refine the search results. 

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