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    Platts Map Data Pro is a geographic information system layer service that facilitates data visualization, analysis, modification, and printing of geospatial data layers with commodity spatial views. The product features a user interface for project assistance and can be used with other GIS datasets and applications. 

    Jun 13, 2019 11:45am
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    Platts Map Data Pro is a commodity specific GIS map data collection deliverable through FTP (file transfer protocol). Through GIS data, the product offers North American commodity spatial views enhanced by Bentek Energy analytics. The Map Data Pro provides five data packages:

    • Crude oil
    • Natural gas
    • Electric power
    • Natural gas liquids (NGLs) and refined products
    • All commodities

    The commodity packages contain key data for understanding fundamental aspects of energy markets. Spatial views and supporting data enable analysis, mergers and acquisitions research, asset valuations, and strategic planning. 

    The 60 GIS datasets included in the product include: pipelines, refineries, power plants, and substations in North America. Supplementary data in the packages also includes operational information on ownership, capacity, voltage, pipeline diameters and development status. 

    Commodity Layers

    Map Data Pro includes relevant layers for each commodity.

    Electric Power

    • Power Plants
    • Substations 
    • Transmission Lines
    • ISO Nodal Pricing Points
    • Electric IOU Service Territories 
    • ISO Zones and RTOs
    • NERC Regions and Sub-regions 
    • Coal Regions
    • Coal Mines 
    • Coal Docks
    • Electric Control Areas
    • Generating Units
    • Megawatt Daily Pricing

    Natural Gas

    • Pipelines
    • Compressor Stations 
    • Receipt/Delivery Points
    • Gas Hubs 
    • LNG Import/Export Terminals 
    • Storage Facilities
    • Production Regions
    • Shale Plays 
    • Processing Plants
    • Local Distribution Companies


    • NGL and Refined Product Pipelines
    • Steam Crackers 
    • Dehydrogenation Facilities
    • Fractionators
    • Import/Export Facilities 
    • Processing Plants

    Crude Oil 

    • Crude Pipelines
    • Oil Pipelines 
    • Oil Ports
    • Crude Rail & Barge Terminals 
    • Oil Refineries
    • Crude Production Regions 
    • Global Price Assessment Locations

    Data is updated quarterly. 


    Platts Map Data Pro enables users to upload, view, analyze, modify, and print GIS layer data. The data packages are delivered via FTP and can be integrated into both commercial and open source mapping applications using in-house geospatial applications such as Esri ArcGIS, MapInfo Professional, or Google Earth for displaying the data. 

    The Map Data Pro user interface features a key and supporting layers that assist in project plotting, project proposal generation, and review. 


    Map Data Pro is offered as an annual data subscription with quarterly data updates. Multi-year subscriptions are available at a discounted rate. Packages are offered by commodity, with the option of purchasing all commodities for a bundled price. 

    Prior to subscription purchase, the Platts' geospatial team will generate and share data samples upon request. 

    Strengths and Weaknesses

    Librarians cite the high price of the product, and licenses requiring that data "be returned at the end of the subscription" and imposing limits to the number of permitted users, who must be individually identified and email addresses provided.

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