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    The Platts Map Data Viewer is a web-based database of spatial and operational data and information with a user-friendly map interface. The product's map layers cover natural gas, electric power, and NGL markets that enables analysis of operational data and spatial relationships between infrastructure. 

    Jun 13, 2019 11:49am
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    The Map Data Viewer is a web-based GIS layer service. It features commodity focused map data and information on infrastructure, including: pipelines, refineries, power plants and substations. The product includes operational information on ownership, capacity, voltage, pipeline diameters, and development status.

    The product features Platts and Bentek Energy map layers that cover natural gas, electric power and NGL markets in North America. Map Data Viewer is designed for users to study operational data and explore spatial relationships among infrastructure. According to the provider the Map Data Viewer doesn't’t require specialized GIS knowledge or software to operate.

    Commodity Layers

    Map Data Viewer includes relevant layers for each commodity.

    Electric Power

    • Power Plants 
    • Substations
    • Transmission Lines 
    • ISO Nodal Pricing Points
    • Electric IOU Service Territories
    • ISO Zones and RTOs
    • NERC Regions and Subregions
    • Coal Regions
    • Coal Mines

    Natural Gas

    • Pipelines 
    • Compressor Stations 
    • Receipt/Delivery Points
    • Processing Plants
    • LNG Import/Export Terminals
    • Storage Facilities
    • Production Regions 
    • Shale Plays 
    • Gas Utility Service Territories (LDC)


    • NGL Pipelines 
    • Steam Crackers
    • Dehydrogenation Facilities
    • Shale Plays
    • Fractionators 
    • Storage Facilities
    • Processing Plants
    • LNG Terminals 
    • PAD Districts 
    • LPG Export Terminals 

    Spatial information and operational data is gathered by researchers from both public and proprietary sources. Platts Map Data Viewer is an annual subscription that is updated quarterly. 


    The Map Data Viewer can be accessed through users' web browsers, no additional software is required. Customers access the Map Data Viewer service from

    The map tool set featured in the product allows users to click on and browse key operating data. Layer visibility can be turned on and off to focus on specific data. The interface also enables screen annotation, changing of the base map, and printing of custom maps. The interface features: search function, pan, zoom, print, layer visibility, measuring tools, and annotations. 


    Platts Map Data Viewer is an annual subscription. Enterprise pricing is available for larger numbers of users. 

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