Rand Daily Mail Archive (1902-1985)

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    The Rand Daily Mail Archive provides searchable, full-text coverage of the Rand Daily Mail, a daily newspaper published in Johannesburg, South Africa. Coverage spans1902, the year of the founding of the newspaper, to 1985, the year it was closed amidst a government crackdown on anti-apartheid activism. .

    May 17, 2024 7:37pm
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    Assembled by Readex in cooperation with the Time Media Group publishers,the collection includes an evidently complete run of The Rand Daily Mail, an Engish-language daily newspaper published in Johannesburg, South Africa.  During the apartheid era The Daily Mail was regarded as an opposition voice to the apartheid regime in South Africa, reporting regularly on state-sponsored violence and discrimination against South Africa's black population.The newspaper was closed in 1985, in the midst of a government crackdown on anti-apartheid activists.  

    The newspaper was published on microfilm by Microfile Limited (Johannesburg, SA). 

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