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    A set of online subscription databases of historical and current South African legal publications aggregated by Sabinet.  The collection includes official gazettes, journals, bills of the South African Parliament, municipal bylaws, acts and provincial and national legislation, and labor judgements in the courts, dating from 1910 to the present.

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    Collection Content
    Several separate collections are available to CRL libraries: 
    • Gazette Archives: National Gazettes (1910-1993) includes the full text of over 22,000 official gazettes published by the South African government during this period.
    • Gazette Archives: Provincial Gazettes (1910-1993) includes the full text of 20,620 official gazettes published by the governments of the four original provinces (now nine) of South Africa during this period.   The four original provinces were Cape, Transvaal, Natal, and Orange Free State. 
    • National and Provincial Gazettes of South Africa (1994 - Current) includes the full text of national (1994 onward) and provincial (1995 onward) gazettes from this period, parliamentary bills (1999 onwatrd) and indexes to these documents.  
    • National Legislation of South Africa includes all updated and consolidated South Aftrican principal Acts, rules snd regulations from 1910 onward.  
    • Provincial Legislation of South Africa:  consists of more than 630 Acts and Ordinances still currently in force and applicable, passed by all South African provinces, from 1910 to date. 
    • By-Laws (Municipal Legislation of South Africa) includes all bylaws in force and applicable to the municipailties in all nine provinces of South Africa from 1995 to date, with a "comprehensive index for each province listing all existing and disestablished municipalities."
    • Bill Tracker and Policy Documents includes the full text of bills currently "tabled" before the Parliament of South Africa, as well as draft bills, policy papers and other documents.
    • Sabinet Labour includes Bargaining Council agreements for all registered South African bargaining councils; labour judgments from all courts, and related Trade Union Federation documentation.   

    Each collection may be acquired separately, and is available through the Sabinet online interface. 

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