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    "The 1science solutions enable libraries to rapidly collect and broadly disseminate high-quality open access articles to researchers, as well as monitoring and reporting on journal usage statistics and open access publishing trends at their institutions."

    Products Include:

    • oaFigr Institution: subscription service which provides bibliographic analysis of a university's active journal subscriptions and what proportion of the journal's articles are available in open access.
    • oaFindr: open access discovery platform which allows university's to find open access scholarly articles published in peer-reviewed journals.
    • oaFindr+: institutional repository solution which allows librarians find their faculty's green and gold open access papers, wherever they may be archived on the internet.
    • oaFoldr: assists university's in finding open access articles published by researchers in peer-reviewed journals.  Users are able to discover and download these papers and their metadata from the university's website and self-populate repositories.
    Apr 18, 2018 5:10pm
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