Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity

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    Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity is a three part collection which will provide access to documents (government and non-government), grassroots newsletters and journals, periodicals, literature, diaries, personal papers, and ephemeral material related to the LGBTQ movement in North America and beyond.

    • Part I (LGBTQ History and Culture, 1946-2000s) will provide access to approximately 2 million pages of newsletters, personal papers, government documents, and more, represent the Gay Rights Movements between 1946-200s.  (Expected publication March 2016)
    • Part II (Human Sexuality) will focus on 18th century to late 19th century erotic literature, diaries of key figures, and have a broader focus on sexuality. (Expected publication Fall 2016)
    • Part III (LGBTQ History, Late 19th Century-1946) will provide access to periodicals underpinnings of LGBTQ movement, underground culture, and medical/mental health.
    May 31, 2024 4:27pm
    Collection Content

    According to the publisher, the Archives of Human Sexuality and Identity, Part 1: LGBTQ History and Culture since 1940 will bring together disparate collections and content (such as newsletters, organizational papers, government documents, manuscripts, pamphlets and other primary sources) to support research and instruction in queer history and activism, psychology, sociology, health, political science, policy studies, human rights, gender studies and more.

    Part one of the archive will reportedly include nearly 2 million pages of content on social, political, health and legal issues impacting LGBTQ communities around the world. Content is sourced from a variety of organizations, archives, community groups,  and others. 

    In January 2016, Gale announced the Advisory Board for the product would include:

    • Jason Baumann, Coordinator of Collection Assessment, Humanities, and LGBT Collections, The New York Public Library
    • Julio Capo, Assistant Professor, Department of History and Commonwealth Honors College, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    • Richard Godbeer, Professor of History and Director, Humanities Research Center, Virginia Commonwealth University
    • Jen Manion, Ph.D., Associate Professor of History Program in American Studies, Director of LGBTQ Center, Connecticut College
    • Donald W. McLeod, MLS, Head, Book and Serials Acquisitions, Collection Development Department, Canadiana Selector, Gender Studies Selector. Liaison, Sexual Diversity Studies, University of Toronto Libraries
    • Laure Murat, Professor, Department of French and Francophone Studies, Director of the Center for European and Russian Studies, UCLA

    The Advisory Board is tasked with assisting in selection of content for inclusion and otherwise informing the development of the archives.

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