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    Data-Planet Statistical Datasets provides access to a repository of standardized and structured statistical data. As of 2018 the Data-Planet repository is said to contain more than 18.9 billion data points from more than 70 source organizations. The over 3.9 billion time series listed by Data-Planet provide access to data presented in charts, maps, graphs, and table form, via multiple points of entry.

    The Data-Planet platform facilitates storage, accessibility, usability, maintenance and archiving of statistical data.  This includes statistics sourced from both third parties and directly from researchers. 

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    Data-Planet is a web-based repository of data sourced from a variety of producers including the U.S. Government, intergovernmental bodies, and private-sector organizations. According to the provider, it is the single largest repository of harmonized, statistical data, facilitating comparison across datasets. As of 2017, the repository holds 35 million data points and 4.9 billion datasets covering a broad range of topics and geographic areas. 

    Data that is selected to be included in the repository must meet the following criteria: customer demand, authority of the source organizations, credibility of the dataset (documentation on sampling, collection methodology, and analysis procedures), and must fit within the scope of the repository's 16 subject areas. Approximately half of the source organizations are U.S. government agencies such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Census Bureau, and National Center for Education Statistics. Some data sources are freely available; Data-Planet pays royalties for others. 


    The datasets available through Data-Planet fall into the following 16 subject areas: 

    • Agriculture & Food
    • Banking, Finance, & Insurance 
    • Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement
    • Education 
    • Energy Resources & Industries 
    • Government & Politics 
    • Health & Vital Statistics 
    • Housing & Construction 
    • Industry, Business, & Commerce
    • International Relations & Trade 
    • Labor & Employment 
    • Military & Defense
    • Natural Resources & Environment 
    • Population & Income
    • Prices, Consumption, & Cost of Living
    • Transportation & Traffic 

    Find a list of Data-Planet source organizations, organized by sector, here.


    Data-Planet offers two discovery platforms. The Statistical Ready Reference is the more simple platform, which provides access to datasheets through a search interface. The more advanced and flagship interface is the Statistical Datasets which has a three panel layout. Users can use keyword search as well as source and subject browsing to access content; the interface features four to five levels of source and subject hierarchies. Search and browsing results can be further refined by: geographic location, date, and other options. 

    The Statistical Datasets platform also features data analytic and visualization tools that enable users to: chart, map, compare time period data, export data, and create and export table, charts and maps. Users have option to create various types of charts such as: area charts, bar charts, and pyramid charts. The map view works for all datasets with geographical delineations, which is most data in the product. 

    The Statistical Ready Reference can be used to quickly search and view charts, maps, and rankings of time series. The product provides high-level summary information as well as detailed line item views. Search results are presented in Data-Planet Statistical DataSheets as multiple views, with descriptions of the time series and dataset from which it is sourced. 


    Pricing is based on FTE with offers for subscription or one-time purchase. The Data-Planet "Terms of Use" provides for access to the database and services for authorized users, as defined in the agreement. 

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