Diversity and Dissent: Civil Society in 20th Century America

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    Diversity and Dissent: Civil Society in 20th Century America is a thematically-driven digitization initiative by Reveal Digital to digitize diverse material along the themes of civil society: items from non-governmental/non-commercial organizations that supported gender and race equality, workers rights, and other issues that challenged social norms in 20th Century America.

    The "Civil Society Investment Fund" is a new funding model proposed by Reveal to create a sustainable funding base for projects. Libraries committing to multi-year investments will have a say in nominating and prioritizing projects that fit the thematic focus of the fund. Examples of projects that might be considered under this fund include: Highlander Folk School Records, Hall-Hoag Collection of Extremist Material, Anarchist Periodicals, the Daily Worker Archive, Student Unrest Collection, Feminist Letters, Music Zines, and the Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Files.  An Editorial Board will determine which projects are ultimately funded.

    As with Reveal Digital's original model, the goal of the investment fund is to support open access collections that help improve access to culturally important material.

    See proposal details on Reveal Digital's site: Diversity and Dissent: Civil Society in 20th Century America

    Mar 3, 2017 2:37pm

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