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    Esri's Business Analyst, also known as ArcGIS Business Analyst, is a database and software that provides tools for mapping, analysis, and work management. The product combines GIS analysis and visualization tools with a data package that provides insight in to markets, customers, and competitors. The software provides a system for analyzing data to reveal patterns in a business and is mainly focused as a solution for market planning and site selection. 

    Dec 20, 2017 4:33pm
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    Esri Business Analyst is a software extension that provides tools for mapping, analysis and work management. It combines GIS analysis and visualization capabilities with a data package that provides users timely information about markets, customers and competitors. The system generates reports based on standard demographic or custom data, allowing market ranking and geographic analysis, site location, customer distribution, and standard demographic reports. 

    Data and reports cover:

    • Demographics
    • Consumer Spending 
    • Tapestry Segmentation
    • Market Potential
    • Business Locations and Summary
    • Major Shopping Centers
    • Traffic Counts
    • Retail MarketPlace
    • Crime Indexes

    The product also includes a suite of basemaps for providing reference and context including streets, imagery, and topographic basemaps. Data is added by the user to the basemap. 

    The program has three main purposes: 1.) It recommends locations for business expansion. 2.) It shows suitable areas to find new customers through customer profiling and market analysis. 3.) It balances and optimizes operational teams' areas to increase productivity. Business Analyst is comprised of five main components: Enterprise, Desktop, Web, APIs, and Data. 


    Business Analyst Online provides web based access to reports, maps and analyses of specific locations as well as tools and data necessary for market analyses. The Business Analyst Systems is comprised of five components: Enterprise, Desktop, Web, APIs and Data. The extension is built to incorporate with ArcGIS and also can be used with ArcView, ArcEditor or ArcInfo.

    The Business Analyst data is available through three different delivery methods: SaaS (software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted), Desktop application, and Enterprise application. 


    According to the provider website, the extension costs $100 per User / Year and there is minimum 5 license purchase required by Esri.

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