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    The ICPSR data repository includes social science data and related documentation from commercial and non-commercial sources.  It is an archive of more than 500,000 files of public opinion research data and other ares of the social sciences, relating to politics, education, aging, criminal justice, substance abuse, terrorism, and a multitude of other fields.

    Oct 17, 2018 12:46pm
    Collection Content

    ICPSR maintains a data archive of more than 250,000 files of research in the social and behavioral sciences. It hosts 21 specialized collections of data in education, aging, criminal justice, substance abuse, terrorism, and other fields. Many of the ICPSR datasets are openly available, and are organized into the thematic collections.  These collections include: 

    • Archive of Data on Disability to Enable Policy
    • Child Care and Early Education Research Connections 
    • Civic Learning, Engagement & Action Data Sharing (CivicLEADS)
    • DataLumon
    • Data Sharing for Demographic Research (DSDR)
    • The Education Research Data Sharing Initiative
    • Health and Medical Care Archive (HMCA)
    • Measures of Effective Teaching Longitudinal Database
    • National Addiction & HIV Data Archive Program (NAHDAP)
    • National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging (NACDA)
    • National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD)
    • National Archive of Data on Arts & Culture (NADAC)
    • NCAA Student-Athlete Experiences Data Archive
    • Open Data Flint 
    • openICPSR
    • Resource Center for Miniority Data (RCMD)
    • U.S. Census Data

    Access to some ICPSR data is restricted. 

    In February 2016, ICPSR announced implementation of two-way linking between articles in Elsevier ScienceDirect journals and ICPSR datasets:

    "Over 400 Elsevier journals will offer direct linking options with datasets in ICPSR. These behavioral and social science datasets become discoverable through corresponding research articles on ScienceDirect. This allows researchers to access underlying research data immediately while reading the research paper, and potentially reuse the data for their own experiments. Vice versa, research articles on ScienceDirect can also be accessed directly from within the ICPSR datasets providing additional information to place the data into context." http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/elsevier-and-the-inter-universi‚Ķ

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