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    Online delivery platform, IHS Markit Connect provides downloadable data and forecasts, daily headline analysis, special topical reports, in-depth country reports and monthly economic overviews based on expertise and data aggregated by London-based IHS Markit Ltd.

    Jan 28, 2018 2:38pm
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    Global historical financial and economic data from 1970 to the present, and "30-year forecasts for up to 500 key indicators in 206 countries. Forecasts are updated monthly for the 100 largest countries and quarterly for more than 200 countries.  Economic indicators include . . . :

    • National accounts (gross domestic product, industrial production, consumer demand)
    • External accounts (imports/exports, current account, debt)
    • Prices (consumer price, wholesale inflation, wages)
    • Exchange rates
    • Demographics
    • Financial and monetary indicators."

    Data and analytics are bundled with services, access to IHS Markit experts, and tools such as  an "Economic Simulation Engine". 


    Subscription, with data, services, and tools bundled. 

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