Migration to New Worlds

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    Migration to New Worlds provides access to documents related to emigration to the United States, Canada and Australasia during the ‘century of immigration’ from 1800 to 1924.  Documents from the eighteenth century and some later material are also included.

    This resource provides access to manuscript correspondence, diaries and travel journals, providing first-person accounts of the experiences of emigrants from various countries. It features material on English, Scandinavian, Irish, Italian, Jewish, Polish and Scottish migrant experiences, along with some documents covering Chinese and Japanese migration to the United States. Primary source documents have been sourced from 15 contributing archives, libraries and museums, including material from the National Archives UK, Maritime Museum of San Diego, Museum Victoria, the Tenement Museum (New York) and the Maritime Museum of Tasmania.

    Module 1: The Century of Immigration was released in November 2015.

    May 17, 2024 7:37pm
    Collection Content

    Migration to New Worlds provides access to documents related to emigration to the United States, Canada and Australia during the ‘century of immigration’ in the period 1800 to 1924.

    This collection mainly focuses on European emigration, including material on English, Scandinavian, Irish, Italian, Jewish, Polish, and Scottish settlers. It also includes some documentation on Chinese and Japanese movements to the United States.

    The collection contains:

    • Complete CO 384 files from the UK National Archive: Emigration Original Correspondence from the War and Colonial Department and Colonial Office
    • Logbooks of the Euterpe/Star of India emigrant ship
    • McRoberts Collection of ocean liner photographs from 1860 onwards
    • Canadian emigration pamphlets, with particular encouragement for women to emigrate
    • manuscript correspondence
    • diaries
    • travel journals
    • posters
    • postcards
    • notebooks
    • photographs
    • statistics
    • printed books
    • newspapers, magazines, and periodicals

    Sourced from 15 contributing archives:

    • American Antiquarian Society
    • British Library
    • California Historical Society
    • Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
    • Glenbow Museum
    • Grosse Île (Parks Canada)
    • Historical Society of Pennsylvania
    • Liverpool Record Office
    • Merseyside Maritime Museum, Maritime Archives & Library
    • Maritime Museum of Tasmania
    • Maritime Museum of San Diego
    • Museum Victoria
    • The National Archives, UK
    • Robert Opie Collection
    • Tenement Museum, New York.

    The content is backed up by PORTICO dark archiving.

    Special features included are:

    • Interactive features showing: tenement housing, an emigrant ship and a quarantine station
    • Ship plans
    • Contextual essays
    • Interactive map
    • Visual galleries
    • Online exhibitions
    • Oral histories

    Access to the database is granted through a one-time purchase (subject to an annual hosting fee) allowing an unlimited numbers of concurrent users, remote access, downloads and scholarly sharing.

    This purchase is subject to Adam Matthew's standard license.

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