Military intelligence files: Land, Sea & Air, 1938-1974

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    Military intelligence files: Land, Sea & Air, 1938-1974 provides access to 73,344 pages in 12 volumes of military movements and intelligence reports covering Italy, Germany, Japan, Russia, and more.

    Oct 4, 2017 2:49pm
    Collection Content

    This collection provides access to 73,344 pages in 12 volumes.  It includes intelligence summaries from the British Army, Navy and RAF.  According to MAP, "World War Two and the Cold War feature heavily in these files. The reports relating to World War Two cover different subjects and countries, depending on which service they came from. Army reports cover Italy, as well as the second Sino-Japanese War. The Navy would focus more on Russia, as well as merchant shipping. The Air Force covered Japan, morale in Germany and Japan, and dropping propaganda on the enemy. All of the armed forces monitored Germany. During the Cold War, spying on Russian weapons and diplomacy with the enemy became more common. Britain's colonies would feature in more reports before the Cold War than during it, unless they displayed signs of Communist activity."

    This collection provides access to the following volumes:

    1. Weekly Army Intelligence Summaries, 1939-1945

    2. Monthly Army Intelligence Summaries, 1946-1954

    3. Quarterly Army Intelligence Summaries, 1955-1962

    4. Monthly Naval Intelligence Summaries, 1938-1939

    5. Weekly Naval Intelligence Summaries, 1940-1945

    6. Monthly Naval Intelligence Summaries, 1946-1954

    7. Quarterly Naval Intelligence Summaries, 1954-1965

    8. Weekly Air Force Intelligence Summaries, 1939-1945

    9. Secret Air Force Intelligence Summaries, 1946-1960

    10. Monthly Air Force Intelligence Summaries, 1951-1960

    11. The British Military in Soviet Germany: Foreign Office papers, 1946-1966

    12. The British Military in Soviet Germany: the armed forces, 1949-1974

    The content in this collection comes from The National Archives of Great Britain.


    This collection is only available as a one-time purchase.  An annual maintenance fee of  £300 (GBP) applies to this purchase.

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