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    North American City Reports preserves the full text of surveys, budgets, statistical records, case studies, planning documents, training manuals, policy guidelines, reports, and news from the five hundred largest cities in North America. It also includes select materials from hundreds of related agencies and non-governmental organizations. With more than 200,000 documents, it provides a new and typically unmined source for observing policy in action.


    The larger cities are monitored for added items weekly, others monthly. A community feature of the Commons platform is an upload tool, and members are encouraged to add reports from smaller cities and other municipal organizations that they would like to preserve and keep safe forever. The result is a constantly growing archive, focusing on years 2000 forward, which adds more than 20,000 new reports each year.


    North American City Reports includes and expands on the well-known Index to Current Urban Documents (ICUD). From 1972 onwards, ICUD captured thousands of city reports, many of which city agencies don’t keep.  Few sources have such current, detailed, fact-based information. Rich in statistics, the documents provide practical examples of what policies work, along with hard evidence. From coastal erosion to vehicle emissions, the issues addressed by municipal policies provide a window into historical attitudes, actions, and outcomes.

    May 17, 2024 7:37pm
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    North American City Reports includes full text of surveys, budget reports, statistical records, case studies, planning documents, training manuals, policy guidelines, reports, and news from 500 larger North American Cities. Totaling 200,000 documents and growing, these materials are sourcud from both government and non-governmental organizations across the country. It includes and expands upon Index to Current Urban Documents (ICUD), which captured thousands of city reports from 1972 owards. 

    More detailed information about content and scope can be found on the Coheret Digital website




    North American City Reports can be acquired via the following options:

    Option 1: Annual Membership (subscription)

    1-year subscription for an institution. Access to all the content, including content added during the subscription year. Subscriber owns no content. Upload up to 50GB of Subscriber's own content. Library tools (COUNTER reports, LTI, etc.).

    Option 2: Founding Membership (subscription)

    5-year membership for an institution gives full, unlimited access to ALL content.  This is a 5-year subscription for the price of 3, paid in advance. 

    Option 3: Founding Member-Purchaser

    This is a one-time purchase of perpetual rights to the content within North American City Reports (ALL reports). Customer may request copies of the content. Included is a five-year subscription.




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