Observatory of Mining Conflicts in Latin America

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    The Observatory of Mining Conflicts in Latin America built a Latin American Database on Mining Conflicts to map and document communities affected by mining operations.

    Jun 13, 2019 11:44am
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    Observatory of Mining Conflicts in Latin America is a database representing mining conflicts to document communities affected by mining operations. Visitors to the site can find the name of the project, the affected communities and their locations, and the main actors on the conflicts, including the name of companies, politicians and legislators, documents, updated news and legal instruments.

    The database represents events that fall into five types of criminalizations:

    • Threats
    • Criminalization of women defenders
    • Murder/attack
    • Judicial harassment
    • Use of force

    The database represents conflicts in the following countries: 

    • Argentina            
    • Bolivia      
    • Brazil  
    • Chile
    • Columbia       
    • Costa Rica             
    • Ecuador     
    • El Salvador       
    • Guatemala         
    • French Guiana
    • Honduras             
    • Mexico
    • Nicaragua              
    • Panama
    • Paraguay               
    • Peru      
    • Dominican Republic           
    • Trinidad and Tobago            
    • Uruguay
    • Venezuela

    The database was founded in 2013 by a network of LA organizations recording large scale metal mining conflicts. The data provides an information system for community management of mining-related social and environmental conflicts in the region. 


    The project provides a platform for browsing data; the conflicts can be viewed by conflict categories or by country. 

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