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    The Population Reference Bureau's online database features indicators, U.S. and international data resources, and the World Population Data Sheets. The resource is openly accessible, users can browse data and resources or keyword searched across the platform. 

    Jun 13, 2019 11:52am
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    The online data from the Population Reference Bureau (PRB) falls into three major categories: the World Population Data Sheet, U.S. Indicators, and International Data. The data platform also features analysis reports and data visualizations.

    The U.S. Indicators collections includes PRB's research and analyses on U.S. demographic, social, economic, and health trends. The International Data provides recent demographic data for the world, global regions; more than 200 countries and territories in our World Population Data Sheet. From the online portal users can access all the Data Sheet indicators and export data and images.

    U.S. and International data are sorted into the following categories:

    • Population
    • Population Dynamics
    • Health & Family Planning 
    • Development
    • Youth

    U.S. indicators are accessible at the state level and cover: population change, births, deaths, fertility rate, migration, racial and ethnic minorities population percentages, age breakdowns, household incomes, etc. PRB provides U.S. data dating back to 2000. 

    The 2017 World Population Datasheet is a microsite that provides a detailed view on international indicators plus digital features on the PRB's annual Data Sheet. The website provides information on the date of the most recent data update as well as detailed information on the source of the data. Previous versions of Data Sheets can also be accessed. 


    The PRB's data analyses are presented by the Bureau as visualizations, videos, and reports. The data can be viewed in three different formats: Maps, Charts and tables. All visualizations can be filtered by indicators and/or geographic location. 

    All data visualizations can be downloaded as images (JPG files) and the Data Sheets can be downloaded as PDFs. U.S. and International data indicators can be downloaded as a CSV file. 

    PRB provides instructions on how to use all of the various data tools (maps, charts, tables).

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