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    Builds on the collection of 80 journals from Periodicals Archive Online already purchased on behalf of the UK academic community by JISC Collections.    A growing online archive of digitised, full image journal articles Periodicals Archive Online is made up of 8 multidisciplinary collections. Subjects covered in each collection span the arts, humanities, and social sciences;  politics, and psychology. Periodicals Archive Online can be purchased in collections for permanent ownership and online access by subscription.     Subjects spanning the arts, humanities, and social sciences, including business, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy, politics, and psychology.

    May 17, 2024 7:37pm

    Full Text Linking

    From Periodicals Archive Online subscribers can link to JSTOR, Project MUSE and set up outbound Open URL links as detailed below.

    • Subscribers to JSTOR can include citations form relevant journal in JSTOR collections when searching Periodicals Archive Online. They can then link directly from the citation record to the full text article in JSTOR
    • Journal-level links are included for titles that have recent full text content available in Project MUSE
    • Outbound OpenURL linking is available from journal records in Periodicals Archive Online to provide links to more recent full text or print holdings

    These linking options can be requested via the Linking Information page.

    Federated Searching

    To enable federated searching with other databases, both the Z39.50 protocol and XML Gateway support have been fully implemented. The Periodicals Archive Online link resolver provides support to enable third-parties to link at both journal and article level, by performing searches based on metadata provided in OpenURL format. All content and functional pages feature durable URLs, using OpenURL syntax.

    Metadata Standards

    Article information includes author, article title, journal title, journal section, volume, issue, date, and pages, as well as content type (allowing users to restrict searches to articles, book reviews, or non-article matter).

    Journal records include title, ex-titles, original publisher details, physical description, frequency, publishing dates, coverage, general notes, digitisation notes, language, subject terms, and ISSN.

    Marc Records

    MARC records are available for all titles from the Downloadable MARC Records and Title Lists page.

    Search Options

    Quick and advanced searching is available. Quick searches can be performed on journal title, article title, article full text, author, or ISSN.

    Advanced searches allow users to search for keywords in citations, article full text, or both. Fields for composing advanced searches include keyword, article title keyword, author, journal title, language, journal subject, year of publication, and ISSN. Content-type can also be specified.

    Post Search Options

    Users can sort search results alphabetically, chronologically, reverse-chronologically, and by relevance. Results sets can be filtered by journal, language, date of publication, and journal subject. Users can also save results to a personal folder.

    Usage Statistics

    COUNTER compliant usage statistics are available free of charge and in a variety of formats. Product-specific information, not covered by the COUNTER standards, is also available, based on ICOLC recommendations


    Authentication is via the the UK Access Management Federation, and Athens.


    ProQuest complies with Priority 1 of World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and some features also contribute towards compliance with Priority 2 and Priority 3 guidelines.

    Periodicals Archive Online has also been implemented with Section 508 of the U.S Federal Government Rehabilitation Act in mind.

    Further details provided from ProQuest's Accessibility page.

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