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    SpotlightNews Description: Spotlight Media Labs, Inc. was founded with the mission of reinvigorating the newspaper industry by creating a new generation of readers. We connect college students with credible sources of information and put it on their phones. Available as a native mobile app for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets as well as a web app for desktops, the SpotlightNews® app provides a superior and consistent reading experience across the diverse and rapidly growing body of publications. SpotlightNews offers over 400 publications across topics and areas of interest like local news, business, college newspapers, and many others. You can see a current list here:


    Key Features:

    1. Available on iOS, Android, and Web
    2. Sophisticated search features, enabled by artificial intelligence and large language models, allow users to find relevant content across all publication titles. 
    3. An innovative research and discovery tool designed to aid undergraduate and graduate students in locating relevant information from major publications to more obscure sources. The platform streamlines the process of finding and accessing academic materials across a wide breadth of titles and disciplines.
    4. Export any article as PDF (available across desktop, tablet, & mobile).
    5. News feed curation is entirely user-driven, not dictated by algorithms. Search results appear in an unbiased order set by the user, without algorithmic weighting or personalization.
    6. Large and growing content library – over 400 publications as of 9/1/23.
    7. Endorsed by student governments, college newspapers, and local newspapers
      1. Michigan State Student Government
      2. The Temple News at Temple University
      3. The Daily Collegian at Penn State University
      4. The State News at Michigan State
      5. McClatchy


    Revenue Sharing: SpotlightNews aims to revitalize the publishing industry by sharing 70% of revenue with our publishing partners, with a particular focus on providing support for local newspapers and college publications.Our goal is to help these often overlooked yet vital independent and local voices build next-generation readership. We strive to uplift and sustain publications across the spectrum and ensure representation within the broader publishing landscape.

    SpotlightNews YouTube Channel:

    May 31, 2024 4:27pm
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