Nineteenth Century House of Commons Parliamentary Papers

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    Access to 6,000 volumes and 4 million pages of documents from core 19th century official Parliamentary publication. This includes debates, proceedings and reports of their committees and more going back to 1801. The content can be accessed via the publishers’ server.

    Oct 1, 2015 5:56pm

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    The House of Commons Parliamentary Papers will become Z39.50 compliant in a future release. Information on how customers can configure their Z39.50 software to search House of Commons Parliamentary Papers CPP will become available at the Administrator Resources page.

     The House of Commons Parliamentary Papers is not currently a target for inbound OpenURL linking.

    Marc Records

    MARC records for the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers database can be downloaded from the publisher's Administrator Resources, free of charge.

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    Keyword(s), Paper title Keyword(s), Subject Keyword(s), Paper Chair/author, Session, Paper Number, Year range. The Search screen also allows users to limit searches by paper type (House of Commons Papers, Command Papers, Bills, Reports, Accounts) or limit searches to papers containing maps/plans, tables/graphs, or photographs/illustrations. Results can be sorted chronologically by session date, alphabetically by title, or by relevance.

    All fields support use of a truncation operator (*), Boolean AND/OR/NOT, and proximity operators Near and Followed By (For example, treaty NEAR.5 Netherlands; health FBY.4 housing).

    HCPP incorporates Peter Cockton's Subject Catalogue of the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers, 1801-1900. The subject terms can be included in searches or the entire index can be browsed separately from the Browse 19th Century Subject Catalogue tab.

    Supporting information can be found in the Information Resources area, including a Guide to Parliamentary Papers, a List of Principal Ministers in Cabinets, an online demo of the database and its features, and a Glossary of terms.

    Post Search Options

    From a list of results, House of Commons Parliamentary Papers users can select records and add them to their Marked List or add the search to their own password protected work area - My Archive. From the Marked List or My Archive users can Print, Email and Download records in a variety of formats, i.e. Plain Text, ProCite, EndNote, Reference Manager and RefWorks.

    HCPP Search History functionality facilitates re-execution and combination of search sets (AND, OR and NOT).
    Document images can be downloaded in their entirety or in part in PDF format, and document pages can be downloaded in TIFF format.

    Usage Statistics

    HCPP usage statistics are modelled as closely as possible on the requirements for web statistics produced by the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC). Though some changes were necessary because of the nature of the database, the publishers of HCPP have kept to the spirit of the ICOLC requirements.

    Customisable usage statistics reports are available to librarians and systems administrators in a password-protected Administrator Resources area within the Information Resources section on the House of Commons Parliamentary Papers website.


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