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    World Bank Open Data is an online database that provides free and open access to global development, statistical data.

    Jun 13, 2019 11:51am
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    In 2012, the World Bank began assisting low and middle income countries with opening government data, resulting in the sharing and organization of the World Bank Open Data. The online Open Data is data freely available online, in machine-readable format and covered by a legal license that allows anyone to use and re-use it for any purpose, including for commercial purposes. The World Bank's Open Data comes from the statistical systems of member countries. 


    All of the data on the World Bank Open Data site can be used free of charge with minimal restrictions. Individual data series and entire datasets can be accessed using the Search Bar and Site Menu. Users can search for indicator names, countries, and topics. The search box shows a list of matching results as you enter text; users can select one of the matching terms to instantly display the result. Data can be browsed by country or indicator.

    Data pages allow the option to download all displayed data in bulk. Country pages provide all data for all years for a single country; topic pages provide each indicator for that topic for all countries and years, and indicator pages provide data for all countries for all years.

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