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    Alexander Street Press, a subsidiary of ProQuest based in Alexandria, VA, publishes large-scale digital collections in the humanities and social sciences. The company also provides media hosting and integration services to public, school, and academic libraries worldwide.

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    "Alexander Street Press pairs exclusive content with the latest technology to deliver customizable products and services to libraries and their patrons worldwide." -, accessed 11/11/14.  


    Founded in 2000 by Stephen Rhind-Tutt and Eileen Lawrence (formerly of Chadwyck-Healey,Inc.) 

    In June 2016 Alexander Street Press was acquired by ProQuest. 

    Governance: Board / Owners / Parent organization

    Alexander Street Press is a subsidiary of ProQuest. 

    Technical Information

    On archiving and backup of Alexander Sreet Press database content, per May 20, 2016 message from Mary Siegel, Senior Sales Manager, National Consortium Coordinator, Alexander Street Press:  

    The content you've purchased is safe.  We have backups in various locations. When you make a one-time purchase of perpetual rights to any product, you're authorized to request an archival copy, as indicated in Article 7 of your license agreement. Most customers don't want to incur the responsibility and cost of holding physical backup copies.  Therefore, we also have set up a dark archive, holding escrow copies of all our collections, with lists of customers authorized to requests backups.  You may, in the unlikely event that Alexander Street is unable to respond to your request for a copy, obtain your backup data from the dark archive by following the instructions that we will send you upon request. 

    This is the clause in your Alexander Street Customer License Agreement:

    "If the Customer has purchased perpetual rights to the Product(s), ASP will provide the Customer, upon request and when the Product(s) reach completion, the data contained in the Product(s) either on a digital storage medium, at a fee for each Product requested, which fee is subject to change from time to time; or through a third-party vendor of archiving services." 

    If the customer has purchased perpetual rights to individual streaming videos, "Product" means all the videos purchased in the most recent 12-month period. 

    The Customer that has purchased perpetual rights to the Product(s) may optionally load data onto a local server to be accessed by Authorized Users through the Customer's search and retrieval software.  In the case of audio, such access must be restricted by DRM and be limited to one (1) simultaneous user (unless the Customer takes responsibility for tracking playbacks and paying all the required performance and mechanical royalties due to the various copyright holders).

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